East Side Access CS179

Systems Facilities Package No. 1

Project Details

Electrical Contractor

$424 Million

NYC Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Queens, NY

GEC (PB/STV/Parsons)

12 Miles of Tunnels


Project Description

East Side Access is a public works project under construction by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York City, which will extend the Long Island Rail Road from its main line in Queens into a new station under Grand Central Terminal on Manhattan’s east side.

Five Star Electric is responsible for the engineering and electrical installation of multiple systems on the project including the fiber optic backbone communications network, SCADA, CCTV, access control, fire protection, HVAC, public address, two-way radio, security systems, 11 facility power substations, signal power, tunnel lighting, blue light stations, telephone, tunnel ventilation, and tunnel drainage. In addition, this contract requires the provision of at-factory, sub-system, local site acceptance and integrated testing for each system including interfacing with adjacent contractors and outside agencies. The project includes 12 miles of tunnels, 11 ventilation facilities, 62 communication rooms, 79 tunnel fans, 11 miles of fire standpipe, 13 electrical substations, 29 communication systems, 380 miles of conduct and 760 miles of cable.

Photo Credits: NYC MTA