East 91st Street Marine Transfer Station

Project Details

Electrical Contractor

$23 Million

Department of Sanitation of NYC

New York, NY


Project Description

This solid waste management facility, identified as part of New York City Solid Waste Management Plan ("SWMP") and DSNY's long-term waste export program, is designed to process 4,290 tons of municipal solid waste per day, allowing for 5,280 tons per day during emergency conditions. The project involves demolishing the existing marine transfer station, which is not in use, and building the proposed containerized waste management facility with a footprint of approximately 63,521 square feet, to provide for barge transfer of municipal solid waste to locations outside of New York City.

The project consisted of installing four sets of 15KVa feeders from property line to Con Ed substations to support the distribution system powering various systems such as utility power, lighting, communication equipment, fire alarm, security and public address system. Five Star Electric also installed conduit and wire for all instrumentation and controls associated with these systems as well as all mechanical equipment and the SCADA system.